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Firewood Supplies

Birch Logs – Hardwood Briquettes – Wood Pellets

Our logs and briquettes are produced to the highest quality and dried to less than 18% for logs and 6% for briquettes to ensure clean burning in modern stoves.

CLEAN – logs are “tumbled” during processing to remove loose bark and moss then the drying process ensures there are no animals or insects to bring into your home.

NEAT – manageable 15kg nets and 10 kg bags mean easier stacking and a good quantity to bring in for the fire. No more struggling with dumpy bags and stacking log by log.

++HEAT – our kiln dried logs are approximately 4.5 kw per kilo while logs at 25% moisture will be about 3.7 kw as they need drive off the excess moisture.

Kiln Dried Birch Logs 30cm

Evenly processed and dried birch logs

Evenly processed and dried birch logs

Less than 18% moistureview


Kiln Dried Birch Logs 25cm

VLI Logs

Favourite for the small stove
viewand a lighter, 10kg weatherproof bag
Less than 18% moisture

Hardwood Briquettes

Bright burning hardwood briquettes

Bright burning hardwood briquettes

viewEconomical alternative
to kiln dried logs

ENPlus A1 Wood Pellets


High quality boiler pelletsview