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Firewood Briquettes – Hardwood

Briquettes burning bright in the stove

Briquettes burning bright in the stove

Reasons to use hardwood firewood briquettes

  • Firewood briquettes are suitable for solid fuel central heating boilers, stoves and fireplaces
  • Firewood briquettes are ecologically clean, with low moisture biofuel pressed from clean birch sawdust
  • Excellent replacement for Verdo briquettes, less expansion and longer burning
  • Easy to store, minimum space required
  • Burning one tonnne of firewood briquettes leaves only 2 kg ashes
  • Briquettes are easy to store indoors or out in their sealed packs but should be protected from the weather
  • Moisture 4.6%
  • Ash content, 0.2%
  • Sulphur S, < 0,01%
  • Net calorific value, 5.40 kWh per kg

Firewood briquettes are a popular and economical firewood alternative to logs in northern Europe with one 10Kg pack of briquettes giving almost the heat output of a full net of logs, but at lower cost.

Our briquettes are made by grinding hardwood (birch) shavings and sawdust into a homogeneous pulp and forming this into a briquette under very high pressure.

Pressure releases lignin, one of the natural components of wood which has the property of becoming liquid at high pressure and, as it subsequently cools, it binds the wood together in its new form.

NB! We advise you to fill the stove only 1/3 because of the high calorific value and natural expansion of briquettes as they burn.


In stock and available for immediate delivery

Firewood briquettes 24 packs

24 10kg packs of 12 briquettes
total 240g

Best pack size for a small stove or when using with logs for longer burning time

£128.00 More Detail

48 packs of hardwood briquettes on pallet

48 10kg packs of 12 briquettes
total 480 kg

Better value and sufficient if you only use your stove in the evenings.

£198.00 More Detail

96 packs of 10kg 12 briquettes
total 960 kg

Best value and most popular for all day and overnight burning

£289.00 More Detail