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If it isn’t dry it isn’t firewood

Grade-One-Norwegian-Standard-PicFirewood needs to be dry to burn efficiently. There is often confusion between “seasoned” wood and kiln dried. In the west of Scotland, “seasoned” often means cut at the end of last season or early this season and split shortly before delivery. Moisture is likely to be 25% – 30% or more. Kiln dried wood is cut and split, then dried in an oven to produce consistent moisture levels under 20%. It is unlikely that even with careful seasoning over two years our Scottish wood would reach this low moisture level.

We don’t offer “seasoned wood” as we like our customers to know exactly what they are buying.

Our logs are split and size graded before being slow dried in a wood fired, computer controlled kiln to a moisture content below 18% (and typically between 15-20%).