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Firewood Briquettes – Ruf

RUF Firewood Briquettes

RUF firewood briquettes are made from dry virgin sawdust compressed at high pressure into a small very dense block suitable for burning in stoves, log boilers and solid fuel cooking ranges.

RUF briquettes burn hot in an enclosed stove or boiler, burning first with a good flame and then continuing to give good heat as burning embers for up to three hours depending on quantity used and air settings of the stove.

Reasons to use RUF firewood briquettes

  • Firewood briquettes are suitable for solid fuel central heating boilers, stoves and fireplaces
  • Firewood briquettes are ecologically clean, with low moisture biofuel pressed from clean birch sawdust
  • Excellent replacement for Verdo briquettes, less expansion and longer burning
  • Easy to store, minimum space required
  • Burning one tonnne of firewood briquettes leaves less than 2 kg ashes
  • Briquettes are easy to store indoors or out in their sealed packs but should be protected from the weather

Firewood briquettes are a popular and economical firewood alternative to logs in northern Europe with one 10Kg pack of briquettes giving almost the heat output of a full net of logs, but at lower cost.

NB! We advise you do not overfill the stove because of the high calorific value and natural expansion of briquettes as they burn.


We only offer RUF Firewood Briquettes as they have proven to provide a better burn

than the cylindrical extruded versions on the market.

Not available until 2nd January
Container arriving over Christmas holiday


RUF Hardwood Briquette
12 briquettes per pack

Size mm 60x90x120
Calorific Value kg 4.9 kW
Moisture 5-7%
Ash <0.2%
Price Per Tonne 311.45
Full Pallet –
96 packs £320.00   £275.50
Half Pallet –
48 packs £212.00   £179.00
Small Pallet –
24 packs £135.00   £112.00