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24 packs of Hardwood Briquettes

£118.00 including VAT and free delivery
to mainland Scotland

24 packs of 12 briquettes – pack weight 10Kg total weight 240Kg

Northern Europe’s most popular firewood briquette, the RUF briquette has a high hardwood content for a higher calorific value, consistently
good burning qualities and extremely low ash content.
100 % pure wood without any additive substances and clear of debris

  • Moisture 4.6%
  • Ash content, 0.2%
  • Sulphur S, < 0,01%
  • Net calorific value(on dry basis), 5.40 kWh per kg

Wood briquettes are shrink wrapped to protectet from water and moisture but must still be kept in a dry environment.
One package of wood briquettes has 12 pieces with size 65*155*95 mm.
Pack dimensions: length 300mm, width 300mm, height 130mm.
Weight of each package is 10 kg.