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Firewood Logs Kiln Dried

Logs burning bright in the stove

Logs burning bright in the stove

Kiln Dried Birch Firewood Logs

Our kiln dried birch firewood logs are harvested from sustainable forests –
in winter when the moisture level is low

Firewood logs are cut to size, split and gently kiln dried for up to six days to ensure even, consistent drying throughout the logs

The kiln is wood fired and computer controlled with sensors placed throughout the load to ensure the wood is

Less than 18% moisture and ready for immediate burning

After drying the logs are packed in handy 40 litre nets with each net weighing 14-15Kg

24 large nets of Kiln Dried birch logs

20 nets of logs on pallet

Pallet of 24 nets, 0.96 cubic metres stacked – equivalent to more than 2 builders’ bags

25cm or 30cm length

Birch logs, dried to less than 18% moisture and ready to burn immediately on delivery


£196.25 More Detail
36 large nets of Kiln Dried birch logs

Pallet of 36 nets, 1.45 cubic metres stacked – equivalent to 3.5 builders’ bags

25cm or 30 cm length

Birch logs, dried to less than 18% moisture and ready to burn immediately on delivery


£269.00 More Detail

30 centimeter logs in stock
25 centimeter logs due in 2 May 2020

Kiln Dried vs Seasoned Hardwood Firewood Logs

Grade-One-Norwegian-Standard-PicOur kiln dried firewood is prepared to Norwegian Standard NS4414 Grade 1, the highest standard for firewood in Europe. It is cleaner, mould and insect free firewood. Insects and mould spores do not survive the drying process.

  • Cleaner firewood logs, less bark and debris to track into your home.
  • Even sized, split logs for even burning.
  • Ready packed to save you time and effort
  • Bigger bag for better value. Our firewood log nets contain 50% more
    firewood than bags available in retalail outlets.
  • Can be stored in your garage or basement or covered store outside.
  • Hotter burn means less chimney maintenance.
  • Low moisture means less weight and more efficient burning.
  • Ignites easily and burns efficiently.
  • Ready to burn the day it is delivered.
  • Price is comparable to and sometimes lower than well seasoned firewood.

There are many benefits to our kiln dried firewood logs. The handy net packs mean fewer journeys between your wood store and stove. bioHOT firewood logs are very dry and clean, packed in 40l nets, easier and more compact to store than loose delivered logs. Using fewer kiln dried logs means better control of the stove and fewer loads. The cleaner hotter burn means your chimney will stay clean longer and the stove window is unlikely to soot up.

Kiln drying is the only way to ensure a consistent product throughout the heating season. Seasoning wood takes time and large covered storage areas. Invariably seasoned wood producers run out of quality products during the season and resort to selling wood with higher moisture content. Use of bioHOT logs will give a more efficient burn in your stove and produce much more heat per log than “seasoned” logs.

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