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Log Store

 Specially designed to hold our 40 litre log nets

Sturdily built log store designed to hold 32 of our log nets but also suitable for a full pallet of briquettes or 60 bags of pellets. Tall enough to load without bending but low enough to be unobtrusive.

Solid sides protect from the worst of the Scottish weather while a slatted back and open front allow excellent through ventilation. An air permeable weather shield is available as an accessory to protect from driving rain and snow. Innovative roof design allows it to be removed and replaced without the use of tools.

A loose laid replaceable pallet provides the floor, keeping your logs off the ground and the weight off the body of the store.

Place 15cm – 6″ away from wall to allow ventilation and avoid damp.

Log Store – £215.00
Weathershield – £26.00

  • Height at front: 1580mm
  • Height at rear: 1480mm
  • Width: 1500mm
  • Depth: 1100mm

Construction is very simple but will require two people to hold upright while building.

The store comes in six parts – two sides, the back, the roof, pallet for floor and a bottom front rail.

The completed log store is heavy and it is best to assemble as close as possible to the final position.

Attach the short end of each side to the back with three long screws through the predrilled holes in back section. (an electric screwdriver drill will help  a lot).

Attach the front rail with two short screws into the front of each side panel.

Move into final position leaving some 15cm – 6″ at the rear and check for level. Lift the roof over the sides from the front, slide to the rear and lower over the back panel. It will simply lock in place without fasteners.

Place pallet floor inside the shell, again as level as possible. You may find it easier to remove the front rail to do this, then screw it back on.