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Ladbrooke Soil Block Kits

Mini 5 Soil Blocker

The Mini 5 makes 5 blocks, each one and a half inches, giving the maximum productivity per tray. This size of block is not large enough for planting on the Maxi block but is ideal for all sizes of seeds. Fits across 38cm tray to give a total of 45 blocks.

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Mini 4 Soil Blocker

The Mini 4 produces 4 blocks, two inches square.  supplied with the normal seed pins and one inch dowels for larger seeds or cuttings. This unit will give 24 – 28 blocks per 38cm tray and this size block can be potted on to the Maxi 1.
This unit contains 6 cubic inches of compressed soil compared with 3.4 cubic inches in the Mini 5 and can therefore support your seedlings for another two or three weeks in the block before planting on.

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Maxi Soil Blocker

The Maxi blocker is designed for planting on the Mini 4 blocks when a larger plant is to be grown on in the block. With 64 cubic inches (slightly more than 1 litre) of compressed soil it is capable of growing a very strong plant in a small space.


Coir / Perlite Mix 8 litres

Included with all our soil blockers and kits, the Coir Perlite mix is used to add to the same quantity of compost and a small quantity of garden soil for the best blocking mixture. The coir is an excellent binder with good moisture retaining qualities while the perlite improves air penetration and drainage.