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About Us

Kiln Dried Firewood Logs and Wood Briquettes

Free delivery in mainland Scotland

Biohot are leading providers of firewood briquettes, and kiln dried birch firewood. If you’re in need of wood to heat your wood stove, chiminea, or anything else then we can help.

Grade-One-Norwegian-Standard-PicWhat do we do?

We offer kiln dried logs that are produced to Norwegian Standard NS4414, are dried to less than 18% moisture, the ideal specification for efficient burning in modern woodburning stoves. It’s this combination of low moisture and a clean burning wood that creates the best wood fuel around.

Our aim is to supply the finest quality firewood to a variety of clients at prices that are some of the most competitive on the market. We aim to keep our customers’ needs at the forefront of our business plan giving us the edge and making us the first choice for many.
A service with a difference

If you would like to try our firewood then we offer a sample pack containing a full net of logs and 6 briquettes. This pack will allow you to see for yourself exactly the kind of quality that we provide.

As well as our excellent range of products, if you live in mainland Scotland we can deliver your firewood to you completely FREE of charge. This is just one way that we aim to keep your customers happy.

Why do we only use birch wood to create our fuel?

Birch is easy to light and burns hot in modern stoves
It provides a bright flame
It allows us to keep a consistent moisture level
It doesn’t spit or spark
It offers a great scent
Our briquettes are higher in calorific value than firewood and so a 10kg pack will offer almost the same output as a 15kg net of logs.

All bioHOT premium quality firewood logs are ready to burn – no seasoning or storage required

If you’re looking for firewood that will burn long and bright in your stove then here at Biohot Woodfuel we can help you.

We hope that you find what you’re looking for here on our site and look forward to hearing you soon.

Biohot Woodfuel Ltd,
45 Charlotte Street,
Helensburgh A rgyll & Bute G84 7SE

Tel : 01436 645030
Email : brian@biohot.co.uk